Sunday, March 8, 2009

It Started With Our Family

Valiant Angels Visiting From Heaven

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  1. A profound sentence! Yes, we each lived with Heavenly Father (literally his children as spirits, all of us on Earth) and we come to Earth to gain a body and fulfill our destiny, thus proving ourselves worthy.

    From eldest to youngest: David Charles Shipp; Carrie Lorraine Shipp Smith; Michelle Shipp Moore; Debbie Shipp Webb; Amy Diane Shipp Brooksby.

    Around the circle from left-to-right: Carrie, Debbie, David-son, Amy, and Michelle.

    Resurrection is part of moving to claim the gift of exaltation. Our elder/eldest brother Jesus Christ broke the bands of physical and spiritual death by His Atonement and himself resurrecting. HE LIVES TODAY and forever, as we will also. Think of it!